At Bard Employees FCU we utilize a system of lending called Risked Based Lending which allows us to respond to the lending needs of all our members.
If you have spent a lifetime perfecting your credit then you will be rewarded for your efforts with low interest rates. If you have experienced some financial hurdles which have resulted in less than perfect credit, then we can still help you.

The interest rate that you qualify for is exclusively determined by your credit rating.


Auto Loans

We offer loans for both new and used auto loans in terms of 3, 4, or 5 years.

New Autos
We will finance 90% of the total price of a new auto (including tax, dealer prep, delivery, etc.). Three (3) year rates start at 2.50%, four (4) year rates at 3.0% and five (5) year rates at 3.5%.

Used Autos
Contact us with the details of your used vehicle including Year, Make, Model, VIN, Options and Mileage and we can calculate the amount we can lend to you. Three (3) year rates start at 3.0%, four (4) year rates start at 3.5% and five (5) year rates start at 4.0%.


Unsecured Personal Loans

Signature/Co-Signature Loans
Loans are available for up to $10,000 and up to a five year term.
Rates start at 8%.


Other Loans

Short Term, Small Amount Loan
No credit check required, available up to $1,000 and a 24 week repayment option. Contact office for application and additional details.

Share Secure Loans
Available for any amount or term. 2% above the interest rate being
earned on the account pledged.

Vacation Loans
Available in amounts of $1,000-$3,000 up a 24 month repayment at an interest rate of 16.99%. Call the office for an application.

Student Loans
Click here for more information.


Student Loan Consolidation
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What's New


   First and Second Mortgages Available
   Take advantage of our excellent rates for both 1st and 2nd mortgage products.   Click here for more info

Auto Rates

   New and used car loans available We offer financing for both new and used autos up to 5 years.    Click here for more info


 We are offering Fixed Rate Home Equity loans starting at 4.00%. Apply today online!


  BEFCU New Member Referral Program. Click for more information